Noqanchis Zusammenstehen

About us

We are an organization committed together with other organizations and individuals in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN) with special attention to Latin America. We base our interventions on scientific research supported by evidence, therefore the alliance with academia is a priority for us.

We work to promote international understanding as well as the integration of migrants in the Federal Republic of Germany. We are guided by the values and principles of the "Andean Philosophy".

We are interested in promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences between interested persons, associations and organizations, as well as governmental and private institutions on a national and international level.

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Projects and Studies

Research projects and studies

We are an organization born from the interest in the academic field and the experience in project management of our members who bring a rich background that allows us to offer the possibility of scientific support to students from universities, institutes and different topics of interest for the development of theses, research, etc. in the areas of: Biology, Environment, Communications, Intellectual Property, CO2, Rights, Engineering and Economics.

Fight against malnutrition and anemia in children and mothers in High Andean Zones

Strengthening of the Paucartambo Health Network through the implementation of a participatory community monitoring system integrating communication technologies in the training of local promoters to combat anemia and malnutrition.

Genetic improvement and production of alpaca fiber through the training of women of the Qero Nation as "master sorters"

Empowerment of women of the "Qero Nation" communities through training as alpaca wool sorters.

Forest Management and Conservation in the buffer zone of Manu National Park

Development of climate change adaptation mechanisms for the local population through the establishment of a gene bank and reforestation with endemic species in the buffer zone of Manu National Park.
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What do we do?

This is our mission

Planning, formulation and implementation of research and social and economic development projects in the fields of: Environment, human rights empowerment, development cooperation, education, knowledge sharing, pedagogy and culture. Our projects are focused on the most vulnerable populations in Latin America, with emphasis on native populations. We position the discussion of issues based on scientific evidence and social impact.

Organize and manage conferences

Courses and seminars, as well as dissemination in various media aimed at promoting the ODS and the rights of indigenous populations in Latin America.

Promote cooperation

With organizations in the country and abroad that pursue the same goals in the form of projects.

To reach agreements

Contracts, agreements and arrangements at the national and international level, which it deems appropriate within the framework of the purposes of the Association.

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Noqanchis - zusammenstehen

Our vision

We are an expert and recognized organization in the promotion of the ODS and we implement impact projects aimed at the native populations of Latin America.

Noqanchis-Zusammenstehen is an instrument of multicultural exchange; it is recognized worldwide as a spokesperson for the importance of horizontal dialogue of knowledge as a fundamental axis for the formulation of national scientific and technological policies, and has succeeded in eliminating the historical invisibility of ancestral and traditional knowledge and the asymmetrical relationship between conventional development institutions and local communities in Latin American countries.

Noqanchis has become a bridge/facilitator for the achievement of the full exercise of their basic rights by articulating science, culture and social development.

How can you help?

You can be part of this experience and together we can contribute to improving lives through education, health, and research.


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