New activities

Hampeq Runas Encounter


“For the first time people from other places stay to live in Q’eros and know our needs, our dreams. Before, they only came to take away our knowledge. The friends of Noqanchis really value our Q’eros culture”.


“I am very happy with my new house, we have rooms for our daughters and it is not cold at night. When I travel to other towns and I see very nice houses I think that my house is also getting more beautiful thanks to you friends of the project”.


“I feel that I have a voice as a woman and I feel that now the men listen, not like before, that we did not want to speak in assemblies because they did not take us seriously. Now there are female authorities and that makes me feel important as a woman”.

The forest a task ahead

"As a Q'eros authority, I know the people who work on the project very well and they have a good heart, they remembered my town that was forgotten, before the projects there was no hope for the young people to continue living here because they all migrated. now there is hope...".
Ernesto Apaza FLOREZ

Meeting to define projects and priorities


“I remember that in my community we only had what our grandparents left us, we did not know that our fabrics could be improved and that people from all over the world liked it, I would like my daughter to learn to weave because now I know that it has value.”


“When I traveled I saw that other communities had many things and I wondered why in my community we couldn’t have better living conditions. Now I am happy and I can dream of building trout farms, or receiving experiential tourism or even heating our houses and much more. Now if I can dream”


“We Qeros have many things to teach the world as well as want to learn from modernity. Our culture is very beautiful and I feel proud. I would like to share with friends from all over the world our music, our spirituality and our fabrics. That’s why I’m preparing a place to welcome you one day.”


“Before learning about the projects that came to my community, we only ate potatoes and alpaca meat, eventually rice and noodles, but now there are new foods like vegetables and we can make salads and it is very good for us and our children”

Governance and citizenship from the perspective of Andean countries

"As mayor, on behalf of my community Qiqu, I welcome you with open arms so that we can continue to work together. We are very happy for the Internet antenna that enables our children to learn and finally to connect with other communities, after the isolation and oblivion of the state".
Wenceslao QUISPE

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