"Volunteering is much more than acquiring a new responsibility, activity or hobby. To be a volunteer is to commit oneself wholeheartedly to society, instilling values and support for our fellow man."


"Being a volunteer has allowed me to go to the deepest places of my beloved Peru, where I can connect with a lot of culture and energy. Being with my Peruvian brothers and sisters allows me to know that with my service I can receive in return their happiness expressed in a smile, which motivates me to return each time with more strength and joy. Because at the end of the day, if I do not live to serve, then I am not good to live."


"Working as a volunteer with Noqanchis has given me the possibility to grow as a person and as a human being, I have met people and realities that were unimaginable before this experience."


"At my young age, I have learned that being a volunteer can mean going out of yourself to meet others, discovering that there is so much more than you thought before, and beginning to connect with so many hearts that you would never have imagined you could achieve. Being a volunteer gave me the opportunity to find love in everything I do and to be able to feel to God in my brothers and sisters, and that is something I will always be infinitely grateful for."


"Hi, I'm Gavina and for me being a volunteer is a wonderful journey in the service of those who need it most. Helping, being in solidarity and serving is what I am passionate about, because in all this journey I learn a lot and I improve as a person. Many people ask me why I spend my time volunteering? And the answer is simple because it makes me happy. It also helps me to be more empathetic, more aware and to see a reality that many do not see."


"Being a volunteer goes beyond giving our time, it implies commitment and dedication, it means being able to give a part of ourselves to others in order to make this world a better place for everyone."

Become a volunteer or develop your research or thesis topic. You can work in the jungle or highlands of Peru.