Our projects and research

The importance of democracy, governance and citizenship in the traditional conception of indigenous communities in southern Peru

The concept of democracy in the western world has not managed to overcome the marginalization, exclusion and ignorance of the processes that indigenous peoples have mastered in their societies, but rather has strengthened the privileges of other sectors, creating a huge gap between two worlds that coexist in the same field.

Construction of a greenhouse for the cultivation of vegetables and herbs for a healthy and vitamin-rich diet as well as the production of compost

The main goal of this project proposal is to build a greenhouse that uses only solar energy without resorting to other energy sources for heating or lighting, for example. Various types of vegetables are grown in this greenhouse in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Fight against malnutrition and anemia in children and mothers in High Andean Zones

Strengthening of the Paucartambo Health Network through the implementation of a participatory community monitoring system integrating communication technologies in the training of local promoters to combat anemia and malnutrition.

Genetic improvement and production of alpaca fiber through the training of women of the Qero Nation as "master sorters"

Empowerment of women of the “Qero Nation” communities through training as alpaca wool sorters.

Forest Management and Conservation in the buffer zone of Manu National Park

Development of climate change adaptation mechanisms for the local population through the establishment of a gene bank and reforestation with endemic species in the buffer zone of Manu National Park.

Rescue and preservation of High Andean wetlands

High Andean wetlands play an important role in storing and regulating water flowing downstream, provide pasture for domestic livestock, provide plant fiber, food and fuel to local communities, sequester a large percentage of carbon, and represent an invaluable cultural heritage. Despite their great value, human activities over the centuries, along with mining and climate change, affect the balance of life in these ecosystems and the communities that depend on them for their livelihoods.

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